Synod Day Two

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Bible teaching – Archdeacon Ron Corcoran

Update from the comments – complete text of his addresses (this one and the one that will be delivered this afternoon) can be found at this link:

Matthew 6:19-24

He began by telling the story of the ming dynasty chairs that were in his parish for 15 years, and were sold for $630,000 after his ANiC parish left their building.

He explains to people that he did not spend his time at St. Matthias authenticating antiques but teaching God’s word.

Matthew 6:19-24

In the first part of the chapter Jesus is focused on our private lives. In the second part He is concerned about our public lives. What are our true ambitions in this life? There are two alternatives the treasures of earth and of heaven, two masters, God or money. As disciples we are called to make choices. Jesus said that the treasures of the earth are corruptible and we would be foolish to put our hope in them. Our houses and possessions are not coming with us in the life to come. Scripture doesn’t forbid us from enjoying nice things – God says he wants us to enjoy the good things he gives us. Jesus is saying that the followers of God should not be selfish in the assumulation of goods, or to put trust in what we have. If everything a person values is on earth then our values are going to be earthly, but when one’s goals are set on the eternal will of God our values will be the same. As Christians we need to value what God values and develop a Christ like character because that is what we are going to take with us when we leave this world.

This is a prayer that was found in John Stott’s bible after he died, he was a man of Christ like c haracter.

Lord Jesus, we pray that this day we may take up our cross and follow you with a heart set on whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, set upon anything which is of excellence or worthy of praise (Phil 8)

Jesus says that you cannot serve him on Sundays and money the rest of the week. The encounter with the rich young man revealed his heart. There was real longing in the young man’s heart. Jesus knew that material possessions had such a grip on this young man that in order to be whole he had to give it up. In many ways this rich young man didn’t possess his possessions they possessed him.

What are your real treasures in your life? The first treasure in my life is Jesus Christ, my saviour who is willing to take my sins upon himself. The constant prayer in my life is the prayer of the thief on the cross – Jesus, remember me. My second treasure is my wife Deirdre. My third treasure is a group of ladies who pray for me and the ministry I lead every week for two years. Fourth treasure is (another person in his congregation who radiates Jesus) Fifth treasure is my ANiC family, I love what God is doing in our midst. My six treasure is our bishops. We are so blessed to have bishops who are sold out to Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to ahve sold out to Jesus Christ our Primate, Bob Duncan. He did something two years ago in Ottawa, as he was leaving he said, would you please pray for me, and then he walked down the middle of the asile and he knelt down and I thought to myself I’ll follow you anywhere, I’ll go where he is going. Bishop Don is my seventh treasure. Why? Be patient and I’ll let you know this afternoon. It is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission. I am not asking his permission, I am asking for his trust, and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe this afternoon I’ll need to beg forgiveness.

Bishop’s Charge – Bishop Don Harvey

I will post a copy of Bishop Don’s charge later on in the day.

Financial presentations

Motion – Be it resolved that the financial report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012 from the Chartered Accountants be received as presented. Moved and Seconded. Call the question. Pased unanimously.

Motion regarding the appointing of an accounting firm.

Budget Presentation

-There is a need to build up a fund for cash flow
-We have reversed the reduction of salaries that we introduced last year and given each staff member a 2.5% increase.

All in all a very positive budget presentation.

Moved and seconded to accept the budget as presented.

Question – is this budget dependant upon the success of A Time to Build? Answer is no, it is operations only.

Motion carried unanimously.

Bishop Trevor Walters
A trip for ANiC leaders (funded by Hungry for Life) to Cuba will be happening with the purpose of exploring partnerships with Cuban churches. $100 a month will provide wages for a Cuban pastor *and* fund the operations of his church.

George Sinclair — Canons and Constitution

Presentation on section three of the canons, which has to do with church discipline.

Thanks given to many people, but he is speaking faster than I can keep up and I don’t want to risk leaving anyone out.

It is extremely important to have a process to protect victims, and to protect leaders from false accusation. This is just medicine, what you do after the problems come up, but it is a reminder that we need to pray for those in leadership that they don’t err, but if they do to give them tender hearts of repentance.

Some of the changes are grammar changes. The more significant changes are because section 3 is based on the ACNA canons, which is fine, except that Canadian and American legal terms are different. Amendments have been made to make sure that the proper Canadian law and processses are being followed.

Motion to accept amendements passed unanimously.

Presentation on Artizo – Identifying, encouraging and training men and women with gifts for ministry so they will become leaders in Canada in the future. Artizo interns are mentored by pastors, and are in turn mentors to other people.

One of the best things about being a part of Artizo is that it is an intentional program for those of us who are considering ministry to come together to learn what it means to be a minister of God’s word and of God’s people. We come together weekly to talk about what we have been struggling with and what we are learning and to pray for one another. We do Sunday school, pastoral care, preaching, etc.

Preaching and teaching are the main focus of the Artizo program. 45 people have done Artizo – 25 of whom are in ministry and 14 of whom are in the program right now. The selection process for people coming in is rigourous, so we get the cream of the theological student crop. The training is also rigourous, they get tons of real ministry experience. Artizo trainees are involved in whole ministries that they run themselves.

Presentation on chaplincy in the armed forces in Canada.

The military chaplincy is the best of times and the worst of times for many people. We meet with families as we notify them of deaths. One of the great things for a chaplin is that we visit the troups where we are. Because it is my job to go see them it is part of their job to be available to listen. The soldiers don’t put you off, they give you the time. That is an opportunity we don’t have in the civilian world. Our target audience is people from 17 to their 40s, a predominantly young healthy group, a group that often feels they have no need for church, and it gives us the opportunity to talk to them, and help in a tangible way.

Lunch break

Rev. Archie Hunter clarifing the process to nominate people for ANiC Council.

Afternoon presentations will be:

Church Planting — Rev. Ray David Glenn
The church planting group’s first stage was marked by building a framework for church planting.
The second stage was a series of ‘plant and grow’ meetings.
The third stage is where we find ourselves now. We have plants that started with great enthusiasm and are beginning to say ‘what do we do now? What’s next?’ The way forward is to partner even more deeply with the Anglican 1000 movement, which has resources to help us answer what next. We are prayerfully considering funding applications – church planting support is for projects that don’t yet exist and where there is no immediate church for support. It is three years of decreasing finanical support. The second is for congregational development support. Not for general operating fund, but for clearly defined projects that have a beginning and end and a clearly defined outcome. This is available to every congregation.

Anglican 1000 — Rev. Alan Hawkins

Vicar responsible for Anglican 1000. We cling hard and fast to the hope and truth of the gospel. The best way to make new disciples is the creation and growth of new Christian communities. At Christchurch Plano in 2009 His Grace (Bob Duncan) stood up and said that God has granted me this vision for the planting of 1000 churches. Then he said something else, ‘and I believe that God has called us to accomplish this in five years’. I put my head down and thought ‘please tell me he didn’t say that’. what the Lord began to do is show me a burden – I am in a city where there are 27.000 college students, and if stats are true, 4% of them are connected to a local congregations – that’s across the province, (I missed the number) of people disconnected from the love of Jesus Christ. We in North America are the third largest mission field in the world. To plant 1000 churches was a gift to us because it means that there is no business as usual. We are going to plant and develop new congregations by seeing ourselves as missionaries and disciple makers where we live. We are living out the gospel in our context and being faithful and fruitful we get the honour and priveledge of doing that. Anglican 1000 in this next season desires to come alongside and serve. If we do our job well we won’t have a job in a few years. What we desire to do is to help equip, assess, sustain and encourage us in the mission (especially a couple of years in when things can get rough), we desire to serve with encouragement. I am thankful to the Lord for the hospitality in this place which is so amazing, thank you for your leve. In the next season we have moved our summit, our national gathering to Chicago, as a way to say to you please come, dont’ let distance keep you away. The witness of our brothers and sisters in Canada is vital We will have three regional conferences in Ottawa, ? and ?. We don’t have all the answers, Jesus does, but we want to make ourselves available to you. How you work and serve the nursery affects the next season – they are the labourers and the leaders that the Lord will use in the next season.

Sojourners — Mark Larratt-Smith

Who are the Christians who have lost belonging? You start with faithful Anglicans living where there is no local faithful church to go to. There are so many Christians from other denominations who are in the same position. Our society disconnects people and leaves them suspicious of churches. How do you address this – what I am arguing is that this is an important ministry field. How can we ask the next generation in if we don’t reach out to people who are faithful Christians and draw them back into fellowship.

Some of the foundations of the Anglican Soujourners Fellowship:

– an integral part of ANiC
-caring for orphan Christians
-complimentary to church planting
-commited to self sufficiency.
-buliding community is our purpose
-membership should not be exclusive
-compatible with membership in another parish or church.
-this will be virtual. a website. we are experimenting with video conferencing.
-We have built a framwork and are looking for help to tie some of these technologies together.
-built on constant prayer
-how do we reach people?
-build a bridge to lead people back to Christian fellowship.
-challenge and feed people who can’t get to church on a regular basis.
-we really need your help. We have a structure, bue we need more people to latch on to this vision and make it an integral part of ANiC and its growth.

Bishop Charlie and Bishop Trevor – introduction of new congregations.

-Rev. Robert Roe and his family stepped out of a large congregation in Sarnia as a matter of consience not knowing what would happen. Within a week there was a gathering to form a congregation and the very next Sunday they held a service which became Cornerstone Anglican Church in Sarnia. First Sunday there were over 80 people there. Three months later there were over 150 people present.

Bishop Trevor has nine (!) new congregations to introduce from the west. I’m sorry, but I can’t keep up with that. If you are from one of those new parishes please post a comment introducing yourselves. I will try to find a link to the presentations.

Time to Build – Archdeacon Ron Corcoran

Text of his presentation can be found here:

Bronwyn Short ACNA Catechesis task force
-a systematic instruction in Christian fundamentals
-grounding people in the gospel by teaching Christian doctrine and belonging

My battery is about to die – I will post reflections on the rest of the day tomorrow,.

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