Second Anglican Network in Canada bishop received into Southern Cone

Bishop Malcolm Harding, retired Bishop of Brandon, has announced that he will minister under Archbishop Gregory Venables and the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone of the Americas, effective immediately.

Bishop Harding is the second Canadian bishop to make this announcement in the past week. It was announced on Friday that the Right Reverend Donald Harvey had been received under the Primatial authority of Archbishop Venables and would be free to offer episcopal oversight to biblically faithful Canadian Anglicans distressed by the seismic shift in the theology and practice of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Bishop Harding will assist Bishop Harvey in performing episcopal ministry in Western Canada.
We are thanking God that Bishop Don Harvey is now a part of this Province,” said Archbishop Venables. “We are equally delighted to receive Bishop Malcolm Harding as our co-worker. He too is a man whose very being is centred around the gospel and whom the Lord has used for the salvation of many… It is also good to be able to say that these steps we have taken are fully supported by a significant number of other orthodox Anglican provinces. There is no need for any to walk alone or step outside the Anglican family.”

“Bishop Malcolm is a highly respected and gifted man of God, whose gentle humility and passion for revival is deeply appreciated by biblically faithful Canadian Anglicans,” said Bishop Harvey. “I look forward to ministering together.”

Bishop Harding, who also has a master’s degree in social work, ministered in the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) for 30 years, retiring in 2001. Since retirement, he has served with Anglican Renewal Ministries (ARM), traveling across Canada to promote renewal in the church that he loved and served.

“I am deeply grieved that the church I have loved and served for over 30 years, has left me no choice.” said Bishop Malcolm, “My heart yearns for revival in Canada and in Anglicanism but I have lost hope for reformation within the Anglican Church of Canada. I now realize that we cannot have unity at the expense of truth. I cannot in conscience travel the path that the Anglican Church of Canada is traveling, away from historic Christian teaching and established Anglican practice.”

The Anglican Province of the Southern Cone (Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur de America) is one of 38 Provinces that make up the global Anglican Communion. It encompasses much of South America and includes Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay and Argentina.

The Anglican Network in Canada is currently holding its national conference in Burlington, Ontario to outline details of the new episcopal option now available to biblically faithful Canadian Anglicans who are in “serious theological dispute” with the Anglican Church of Canada and want to be recognized as “fully Anglican” and in the mainstream of global Anglicanism.
The Anglican Network in Canada is committed to remaining faithful to Holy Scripture and established Anglican doctrine and to ensuring that orthodox Canadian Anglicans are able to remain in full communion with their spiritual brothers and sisters around the world.

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  2. Aspirant says:

    Suddenly the issue is in my back yard, literaly. Malcolm is a long time friend but for me this issue has been at a distance and out of my reach. But not so anymore, I now recognize there is developing a move to return to the Anglican Church values I was raised in. I hate to see my church torn apart, but the temple was rebuilt and so shall we. Like the first church if it takes basement to hall to church so be it.
    Malcolm you have our prayers.

  3. Michele Martin says:

    As a life long Anglican, presently attending the Presbyterian church in Abbotsford, BC I am disgusted with this radical group and their antics for the past few years. synod delegates voted THREE times to approve same sex blessings, NOT THE BISHOP IN NEW WESTMINSTER DIOCESE. If one doesn’t like the government of the time one still has to pay their taxes!

    Most of these clergy involved in this split are losers who have been seeking attention for some time, and not displaying any evidence of Christianity! They are all a disgrace to the Anglican church..

    I am no fan whatsoever of Micheal Ingham but he has bent over backwards to try to prevent this from happening but these rabble rousers only want their own way so go ahead. Leave the church property alone & go. The whole church will be better off without any of you!

    there are far, far, far more important issues to consider than same sex blessings,

    Michele Martin,
    Abbotsford, BC

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