ANiC launches a new multicultural ministry

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The Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC), a diocese of the ACNA has launched a new multicultural ministry in Canada.

Bishop Stephen Leung, ANiC’s Suffragan Bishop for Asian and Multicultural Ministries in Canada (AMMiC), is passionate about reaching and planting churches for new immigrants.  Although the work is just beginning, congregations are springing up to minister to Persian, Chinese, Sudanese, Filipino and Japanese immigrants – each in their native tongue.  AMMiC has produced a compelling six-minute video [you can also see the video below] which provides an overview of these forming congregations.

“God has brought the world to our doorstep.  New immigrants are a mission field we dare not ignore,” says Bishop Stephen.

AMMiC’s ministry also includes offering resources for ethnic ministry in North America.  Immigrants of all ethnicities have common needs and concerns, such as a widening language and cultural rift between generations. To address these needs, AMMiC has already held two conferences, both at Regent College in Vancouver, BC and future conferences are also being planned.

In addition, AMMiC organizes mission trips to Asia.  The 2013 team will minister to abandoned and disabled children living in a welfare centre in Sanmenxia, China, July 16-31.

“Just as Jesus focused on the marginalized in His ministry, so we seek to serve immigrants in our communities,” says Bishop Stephen.  “May God give us hearts for the “stranger” in our midst and a growing vision for working together across the ACNA to reach ethnic communities.”

For more information or to connect about ministry to immigrants and ethnic ministry in your area, contact Bishop Stephen here.

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2 Responses to ANiC launches a new multicultural ministry

  1. Marilyn says:

    The AMMiC video is very well done and so encouraging… well worth the 6 minutes it takes to view it.
    May God continue to bless their ministry in 2013!

  2. Michael Li says:

    Today we have different cultures and traditions. We must proclaim Jesus Christ to people of all cultures in our midst. In Jesus Christ, there is no descent, rank, or gender. The New Testament evidence suggests that people of all races mixed freely in the church. It offers no support for racial or national churches whether locally or in wider areas. The local churches founded by the apostle Paul consisted of both Jewish and Gentile Christians. All churches should be multicultural and supra-racial. Our aim is to manifest the unity of humans of all cultures in their common relation to one and the same Lord. Christianity is not a Western religion, but the heavenly order for all peoples.

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