Anglican Soujourner Fellowship

Not sure how I missed this – may be of interest to those of you who live too far away from an ANiC parish to attend. From here.

From orphans to sojourners
This project started with “Orphan Anglicans” – isolated Christians who live where there are no biblically faithful Anglican churches. Our vision involves turning orphans into sojourners: disciples, living in the world, but belonging and connected to each other through Jesus Christ. In other words, to become “living stones … being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 2:5)

Creating an online Church fellowship
Many Christian groups are exploring the potential of the internet for ministry. Our challenge is not just to connect those who are isolated, but to build a fellowship that will reach out to seekers. Our aim is empowerment for ministry and outreach. In all this we see the “virtual” church as an extension of and support for the “physical” church. We are all part of a single house – the “spiritual house” of Jesus Christ.

First steps
2012 is an exploratory year. Technology is a tool not a master. Prayer will be our essential foundation. Our common faith is based on the Jerusalem Declaration. Our commitment will be to build a core group that will seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit through prayer and through the insights of those who join us.

We will have an Anglican Sojourner Fellowship website in the near future and are beginning to explore ways of delivering online fellowship, prayer and pastoral support. We also want to find ways to connect Sojourners to the many wonderful preaching and teaching resources of Anglican Network parishes.

We welcome both those who are seeking fellowship and those who feel a calling to help develop online ministry. We will seek to grow together.

For more information and to join our mailing list, please contact:

Mark Larratt-Smith, Convenor, Anglican Sojourners Fellowship

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