Two Anglican Church of Canada bishops attended GAFCON

C/P from David.

Bishop David Parsons and Bishop Darren McCartney from the Diocese of the Arctic attended the recent GAFCON conference. Since it hints at betrayal of the ACoC’s culturally inspired faux-gospel of indiscriminate inclusion and woolly diversity, this has created “a lot of angst and frustration.” If the ACoC’s tacit demotion of Jesus from God Incarnate to Middle Eastern social worker is not recanted, perhaps it is also a harbinger of the future defection of an entire ACoC diocese.

From the December Anglican Journal describing events at the October house of bishops meeting (not online yet):

News that Bishops David Parsons and Darren McCartney of the Diocese of the Arctic attended the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) in Nairobi in the hopes of creating partnerships to help with the diocese’s debt crisis and shortage of priests met with some consternation. “As one of our bishops put it, when the stated purpose of GAFCON is evangelistic revival in the life of the church, who could argue with that? But when there’s another kind of agenda going on that says the church in the West or North America preaches a false gospel…. then that creates a lot of angst and frustration,” said Hiltz

The allegation creates angst and frustration because it is true.

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  1. Frank Wirrell says:

    I am not surprised with the comments of the apostate Fred Hiltz. The evidence clearly shows his support of the apostates within the ACoC. What is needed is a genuine Christian in the position of Primate and not one who simply follows in the footsteps of apostates such as Michael Ingham, now retired, and Michael Bird. I do not refer to any of them as “bishops” as by their actions they have proven to be totally unqualified for this position.
    What Fred Hiltz should have done is to attend the GAFCON conference himself and perhaps he would have been converted and proven to truly be Primate. Tragically that will not happen until he repents.

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