Statement from the Rupert’s Land House of Bishops

Update: The plot thickens. The statement has vanished from the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land’s website. It is still accessible in Google cache here, though.

If anyone from the area knows why the statement was removed, please leave a comment.

From the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land‘s website:

On September 30, 2012, the Bishop of Saskatoon ordained as deacon an individual  who is civilly married to a  person of the same sex.

In early September the bishop as a courtesy informed some of the members of  Provincial House of Bishops of his intention to do so,   The House at its meeting  September 28 discussed this situation and issued the following statement:

The House of Bishops of  the Province of Rupert’s Land disassociates itself from the decision of the Bishop of Saskatoon to ordain a candidate living in a civilly recognized “same sex marriage”  This decision was made without our consent or consultation and will cause division and confusion within our Province.

We hold the Bishop, Clergy, and People of  the Diocese of Saskatoon in our prayers and are committed to maintain the highest degree of communion possible.

Of those bishops present, seven voted in favour of the statement, two voted against and as is our custom, the Metropolitan refrained from voting.

When reading this statement it is important to note that the House of Bishops has neither judicial nor legislative authority.  It is a venue in which bishops meet for mutual support in their roles as overseers in the church.  Clergy ordination as such comes under the authority of the diocesan bishop.

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8 Responses to Statement from the Rupert’s Land House of Bishops

  1. Pauline says:

    In one sense it is a relief that these decisions are being made as “Reasonable Faith” stated about the decision of the Edmonton Diocese to allow SSB. We have been treading on eggshells for so long, but now we can stand for the faith and see what God will do. The ACoC is going down faster and faster each month but whether you stay or go it is an opportunity for God to work. There are treasures in darkness. TEC in the States is going into a total tailspin, out of control with revenge against the orthodox, but they are ready and so are we.

  2. Frank Wirrell says:

    This statement is long overdue but I fail to see how one can be “in communion” with any diocese, clergy or laity that continues in the path of the ACoC – a path that leads members in the pew from the faith by following the dictates of so-called political correctness. I sincerely pray that the Rupert’s Land House of Bishops will take another step forward and denounce apostates such as Michael Ingham and the Fred Hiltz.
    I fully agree with Pauline as the evidence clearly shows the ACoC is not only going down hill but has stepped off the cliff and unless orthodox clergy and laity stand up for the faith there will be nothing left.

  3. Pauline says:

    Maybe that is the plan Frank. God doesn’t care about denominations, he cares about people hearing the Gospel and knowing him, and will use whatever avenues he can to tell them this. If a denomination preaches another faith that denomination will die and something else will come in its place i.e. ANiC. It is not futile to keep on preaching the true Gospel because the faith will be passed to others, but if that becomes impossible then it is futile. I live in an area where the largest number of Quakers in Canada existed 200 years ago. Now they are no more – the Pentecostals now have the largest Church in the City. God blesses who he will bless. The ACoC is collapsing under its own structural and faithless hierarchy as did the United Church of Canada. I have recovered from the grief and now look forward to whatever God will do next.

  4. Frank Wirrell says:

    I have written concerning the reign of apostasy in the ACoC but the Anglican Journal will NOT print anything that criticizes the Primate or other so-called bishops. It is totally on side with the worship of policital correctness and like all other media it has a product to sell and will do nothing that would go against their agenda. In addition I firmly believe the Bishop of Saskatoon would block any letter that is critical of their position.

  5. Michael Li says:

    It is interesting to note that at least 7 bishops voted in favour of the statement.

  6. Jack S. Pratt says:

    @ Frank: Maybe you should send a letter to that address anyway. It may run. It’s not the Anglican Journal by any stretch of the imagination. The Sask. Anglican editor may be more…accepting of such a letter.

    Won’t know until you try.

  7. Winter Traveler says:

    What is the point of issuing statements and letters if they’re not followed up with some form of concrete action? This is a typical response from so-called orthodox Anglicans remaining in the ACoC who want to express disagreement but who are not prepared to step out of their comfort zone; a response which continues to do nothing to stop the creep of hersey in the Canadian church. Whining and hand-wringing never changed anything. God bless those few who stood up for the Gospel of Christ and left the ACoC and all it’s heresies behind. Doubtless, they have had to suffer persecution in the form of financial upheaval, dislocation, loss of friendships, and mockery and derision from some former parishioners and clergy. But they sleep well at night knowing that their souls have not been compromised by complacency and that they have been obedient to their God.

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