New Bishop of New Westminster

Melissa Skelton

Rev. Canon Melissa Skelton has been elected Bishop of New Westminster.

More from the Diocese of New Westminster.

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2 Responses to New Bishop of New Westminster

  1. Frank Wirrell says:

    From the reports I would have to be somewhat sceptical. If she endorses and follows in the apostate leadership of Michael Ingham she will, by her actions, nullify her orders by turning her back on the vows made both at her ordination and will make at her consecration. As I have stated in previous submissions to be a Christian one must fully endorse and accept both the authority of Scripture and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ. This is an absolute requirement if one is to be a true “chief shepherd”. Indeed this will be a wait and see procedure but it must be remembered you cannot glue apostasy and orthodoxy together.

  2. Once again, I agree with Frank Wirrell.

    The Anglican Journal is busy censoring all non-conforming comments as usual [the considerable tax dollars that they get from the federal government are spent suppressing free speech, which shows us what sort of organization they are] and the Anglican Church of Canada will continue to sink faster than the Titanic.

    My advice to Skelton is to invest in a private pension fund.

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