Essentials NS needs help for General Synod preparations

The Anglican Church of Canada is holding its 2010 General Synod in Halifax from 3 to 11 June, and Essentials Nova Scotia will be there to encourage delegates to vote according to Biblical standards. To carry out this task, help is needed in the following areas:

  • Accommodation and transportation
  • Volunteers: Welcomers, Food servers, “Go-fers”
  • Prayer
  • Music
  • Computer and technical assistance
  • Food service co-ordinator
  • Communications
  • Delegate liaison
  • And more
  • If you are able to help, please contact The Rev. Stephen Ashton, Rector, Trinity Anglican Church, Halifax. Contact information is posted at the church’s website:

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    13 Responses to Essentials NS needs help for General Synod preparations

    1. Eph 3:20 says:

      Try selling sponsorships. That should give you all the help you can imagine. LOL.

    2. Kate says:

      That’s the way the ACoC does things.

    3. Cathy says:

      I’d help but given I’m in Ontario and have no money, my help will have to be limited to praying. I was actually nominated to be a delegate, but had to withdraw my name a couple weeks before the election.

    4. stuck in Toronto says:

      Cathy I’m sure you are aware of how important you voice and vote would have been. I can only conclude that the Father’s will is being met.

    5. Cathy says:

      There are many things in the world which fall outside the will of the Father.

    6. stuck in Toronto says:

      Sorry Cathy I disagree with your #5
      “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof”

    7. Cathy says:

      So you suggest that evil is the will of the Father?
      That the tragedy and death from a natural disaster is the will of the Father?
      That a person being killed in a car accident is the will of the Father?
      That a Mother loosing her baby is the will of the Father?

      The Father can bring about good things from bad things, but the bad things are not part of his will. Bad may come from direct interferance from the enemy, our own self will, physical science of nature whatever. The Father does not give us a stone when we ask for bread.

    8. stuck in Toronto says:

      Cathy Are you saying the Father could not stop these from happening? Were these things His intention from the beginning?

      what is your interpretation of my quoted phrase?

      It has been said that modern Israel could not have come into existance except by the hand of the Father (I think it is in Daniel) It has also been said (not scriptually) that the decision to partition Palestine would not have happened save for Hitler’s Holocaust of the Jews. …food for thought.

      God’s Will is all encompassing.

    9. Cathy says:

      If God’s will is all encompassing in such a way as your post implies, then bad things happen because God somehow wants them to happen. It is then his fault that my baby died. Most of life is directed by a series of natural and physical laws, we also choose to do wrong. God does not want us to do wrong. Yes God can stop these bad things from happening but most of the time he doesn’t (that’s why they are miracles). Earthquakes happen because the earth’s plates sit atop a churning see of molten rock. This magma is essential for our survival (I won’t get into the science) but it does mean the plates shift and occasionally result in tremors. A person dies in a car accident because another person make a choice to drink and drive. God does not violate our free will.

    10. David says:

      You are both trying to unravel the age old problem that theologians have been picking over for thousands of years: how does God’s sovereignty, his love, man’s freedom and the existence of evil all fit together?

      Fortunately, I don’t think there is a thread length limit in WordPress.

    11. Cathy says:

      Easily solved. Stuck just has to admit that I’m right and he’s wrong. :)

    12. stuck in Toronto says:

      Cathy I had sensed that this was more than just a debate. I am so very sorry that you lost a child. Reading between your lines I believe as I assume you do that your baby is in the comfort of our Father.
      God has never wanted bad things to happen, They do so for His Divine purposes. This may not be comprehensible to you or I. It is what is reffered to as Holy Mystery. What I do know is that we have a book full of examples of both His wrath, His benevolence and His intercession.
      This thread began with my observation that your unfortunate circumstance (“no Money”) precluded the fact that you could not, attend the Synod. My assumption was that your voice and vote would have paralled my own. Because I believe everything has devine purpose (He is the Creator after all) I went one assumtion to far and suggested what I did because I assumed you were disappointed.
      It is very possible that for His purposes (again a mystery) He wants the GBLT agenda to grow and to divide for the sake of the purification of His Church. In this context “Evil” (that which is about the evil one) is being allowed to run its course, for a time, hence within the Father’s will.
      I look forward to your response and sharing.

    13. stuck in Toronto says:

      David consider this; All of creation has been spoken into existance. It, Like our book, is a History of man from beginning to end. Time is the factor that God has placed that largely confounds us and yet is essential to the unfolding of the preordained daily circumstance that is Mankind. God knows when the next nuclear Bomb will kill as He knew when the first arrow would take its victim. This creates questions that, looking through a glass darkly cannot formulate answers. So we leave them less they gender strife.

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