Diocese of Niagara to disestablish St. Hilda’s and Good Shepherd

Our intrepid Anglican Samizdat reports that the Diocese of Niagara has proceeded to disestablish St. Hilda’s and Good Shepherd. From here:

to proceed formally to disestablish St. Hilda’s Anglican Church in Oakville and Church of the Good Shepherd in St. Catharines.

approved in principle the sale of St. Hilda’s Rectory at a price not lower than $600,000 and authorized the Secretary of Synod to conduct an electronic poll

This does not come as a great surprise and only shows what this is all about. Not about ministry, or mission, or supporting “growing” congregations. But about the money to prop up budgets another year or two.

As an aside, it’s funny how parishes hold church property in trust for the diocese, when only a few years ago the diocese held church properties in trust for the parishes. If hypocrisy was not in the order of the day, I guess the real churches of St. Hilda’s and Good Shepherd could claim that trust money back from the Diocese of Niagara. I’m sure that would work. Ahem.

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  1. walter says:

    As one of the very early parishioners of St. Hilda’s I was one who was instramental in paying off the mortage on the rectory and the church . Both properties were totally paid for by the parishioners over the years with NO help from the Diocese. Yet the Diocese hides behind the courts to justify their non-Christian behavior when in fact they are only looking at material short term gain. Good ridence to the so-called Diocese of Niagara Anglican leadership. God will remember your non-christian actions.

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