Diocese of Montreal to “move forward in God’s mission” by closing another church

28-12-2012 8-33-40 PMFrom here (page 7):

Past and present clergy, wardens, altar servers, choristers. Organizers over the years of Sunday school, bazaars and rummage sales and men’s activities. Altar guild members.

Partners in other churches. Bishop Barry Clarke of Montreal – from 1993 to 2004 parish priest of St. Paul’s Church in Lachine – asked members of these and other groups in a near-capacity congregation of over 300 parishioners and wellwishers to stand and be recognized as he presided over a closing service marking the end of the 139-year history of the parish.

He also urged them not to waste energy trying to assign blame for the closing of the church or to focus too much on its dramatically impressive buildings, dating from 1963-64.


“For us to move forward in God’s mission we have to do things differently,” he said.

The diocese has no discernible plan to “do things differently”; unless you count its accelerating descent into heresy tinged liberalism accompanied by an increasing cannibalisation of its assets in order to stay afloat – all disguised as a Ministry Action Plan – as different.

Page 8 of the same paper, without the least hint of irony, proudly announces: “Quebec diocese to offer blessings to same-sex couples”, something that the Diocese of Montreal approved in 2010. Catering to 0.8% of the population has worked out so well for other dioceses that Quebec has decided it wants a piece of the action.

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  1. Theresa Rowe says:

    It breaks my heart to see this church close it’s doors. My Grandma has been the organist there for years, and I believe my Grandfather was a priest there ( i could be wrong, I also am a daughter of a priest and all the churches get fiffudled in our heads :)
    I hope you all find a new church home and church family soon and continue to bring God’s message and love to those around you.
    Prayers and love,
    Theresa Rowe

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