Christy Clark stands up for her Anglican faith

An interesting article here, about which I feel rather ambivalent. There really is a sense these days that to be outspoken about your Christian faith is ‘risky’, so doing so is something I admire. Regrettably, the faith in question is of the liberal Anglican variety, which packs all the punch of a limp handshake…..

Premier tells private Christian gathering about the importance of attending church, and being kind

Even though Premier Christy Clark recognizes it’s politically “risky” in British Columbia, she took another stab at talking about her religious faith this week.

The Liberal leader addressed a group of about 130 Christians at the private Vancouver Club on West Hastings Street on Tuesday night.

“For me it’s been kind of an interesting experience to realize, for the first time in my life, that perhaps being a Christian is something that I should not talk about. But I reject that,” the premier said.

When a member of the audience asked, through a written question, why some of Clark’s political policies “contradict the Bible,” the premier retorted that “the Bible contradicts itself.”

She added: “I’m an Anglican. This is what we learn in church. The Bible is not a static document. It’s a teaching document. Which is why we debate its contents so vigorously.”

The premier acknowledged some of her policies do not satisfy the Anglican bishop for Vancouver, Michael Ingham.

“I met with Bishop Ingham and said, ‘What are your views on what we should be doing as government?’ And he said, ‘Well, I think you should raise the minimum wage and not allow the Enbridge pipeline’,” Clark told the audience.

“I said, ‘Well, OK, I’ve already raised the minimum wage and we’ve set in place strict conditions for the Enbridge pipeline. So I am following my understanding of my faith. But my bishop (still) doesn’t agree with me.”

An audience member also asked Clark’s views on same-sex marriage, an issue which bitterly divides conservative and liberal religious people.

“I support them,” she said. “Family comes in many different forms … so I support the principle (of same-sex marriage) politically and personally. But, of course, I know we have a broad debate about it.”

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  1. Frank Wirrell says:

    One must remember Christy Clark is on the edge of losing her position as Premier with the upcoming provincial election and will say anything that she believes will give her a boost in public opinion. Clearly she takes the same position as Michael Ingham – the worship of political expediency and political correctness and totally rejects the authority of Scripture. One might ask if she really is a member of a genuine Christian community. From my personal opinion I would not believe a word that comes from ANY Liberal politician.

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