Blessing of same-sex couples ‘not enough,’ critics say

It takes a secular activist to point out the obvious…

A move by the Anglican Diocese of B.C. to allow the blessing of married homosexual couples is only a small step, says a University of Victoria political scientist.

Janni Aragon, who has a special interest in gender issues, said for the church to bless couples but not perform or bless their marriages is not enough.

“What you see is some softening of church attitudes to acknowledge these people exist, but to say, ‘;We are going to sanctify them but not their marriage’ is just hair-splitting,” Aragon said Monday.


Insert ‘yet’ below…

Last week, Bishop James Cowan of the Diocese of British Columbia said he didn’t think the Anglican Church is ready to perform marriages of same-sex couples.


The distinctions are necessary to take into account a broad range of opinions within the church, said Cowan

The distinction without much of a difference, that is.

Oh, and ANiC gets a mention later on in the article, and seems to have been raised to the status of a ‘group’ even. 😉

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