Bishop of Calgary to retire

From here:

After serving for five years as head of the Anglican diocese of Calgary, Bishop Derek Hoskin, has announced his retirement effective Dec. 31 this year.

Bishop Hoskin was elected in 2006 as the 8th bishop of the diocese of Calgary, which includes about 20,000 Anglicans in 92 congregations in the southern part of Alberta.

In a pastoral letter issued Oct. 1 to members of his diocese, Bishop Hoskin said he decided to retire because 2012 marks the 40th year of his ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada and he will be turning 69.

I’ve always had a lot of respect for Bishop Derek. We might not have seen eye to eye on institutional matters, but he kept the diocese on as straight and narrow a path as possible in the ACoC. I wonder what might happen next?

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