Bishop Charlie Masters talks about the Diocese of Niagara

From David’s blog:

At GAFCON 2, Bishop Charlie Masters discussed how ANiC priests were treated by their former church.

During the legal proceedings between the Diocese of Niagara and ANiC, the diocesan lawyer asked ANiC’s lawyer: “What has your client done which has caused my client, the Diocese of Niagara, to hate them [the ANiC priests] so much”.

Go see the video…

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  1. Frank Wirrell says:

    This is nothing less than typical “lawyer talk” – forget about truth, just ensure you can win your case. In this case, however, the lawyer for the Diocese makes an excellent argument for ANIC. As orthodox Anglicans we do not “HATE” the Diocese or those remaining in the ACoC but pray for their conversion and repentance. Any true Christian does not “hate” and if those in the Diocese hate ANIC as stated by the lawyer for the Diocese, it is time for some serious reflection on the part of their leadership. By reason of what the ACoC has done to orthodox Christians across Canada one can only ask if there are any true Christians within the House of Bishops. Having a purple shirt and white collar simply does not make it.

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