Ah yes, there was a General Synod

In 2007 I was involved, in 2010 I was interested, in 2013 I have to confess, the latest Anglican Church of Canada synod has found me indifferent. But nevertheless I thought I should mark its passing.

As David points out here, the one motion that could pass as interesting was the one to:

direct the Council of General Synod to prepare and present a motion at General Synod 2016 to change Canon XXI on Marriage to allow the marriage of same sex couples in the same way as opposite sex couples

I’m not taking any bets on how it will go in 2016, and with the final vote in 2019.

I do remember how many folk on the other side of the argument about 10 or so years ago were at pains to point out this was about blessings, not marriage – marriage was not going to be touched. We were not fooled by that, even then. ;)

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7 Responses to Ah yes, there was a General Synod

  1. Michael Li says:

    Countries including Canada have approved same-sex marriages. I am surprised that our Conservative government has not attempted to repeal the law. Any law made by humans or governments can be repealed at a later date. If Canon XXI on Marriage includes same-sex couples in 2019, there is no guarantee that it will not be repealed at a future General Synod. Any decision made by humans without God’s approval will not benefit us.

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  3. Frank Wirrell says:

    I am totally amazed with the fact that Christians cannot see that homosexuals and/or lesbians is a behaviour and NOT an identity. Each and every one of us has sin tendencies and that is not an excuse to indulge in such activity.

  4. Fr Ian Wetmore says:

    And have no fear, the conscience clause will be revoked in due course, as GS has done in the past with other moves away from orthodox doctrine.

  5. siena says:

    Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. – Gal. 6:7 (from last Sunday’s lectionary) The traditional, Biblical (and universal) definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. The present ACoC Canon 21 on Marriage gives Biblical passages. All others are expected to live in celibacy regardless of orientation. God is love. May the hearts of all people be open to His true love.

  6. Wendy says:

    Why am i not surprised
    I am just so thankful I now belong to the ANIC

  7. ML says:

    If the clergy pass this, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Already, because of lower interest rates and fewer clergy contributing to the pension fund, the fund is operating on the edge. At present, according to the Pension Office in a letter received in July, the “Board of Trustees has been working hard to obtain funding relief from the province of Ontario, where our plan is registered…. Without funding relief, all plan members… would face an immediate reduction in pension benefits in the range of 20% – 30%.” No doubt, if this motion is made and passes, even fewer clergy will be contributing, since more clergy and parishioners will be leaving, and as a result all clergy pensions will be affected.

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