ACNA bishops to participate in March for Life

It’s heartening to see that in the midst of a wilderness of Anglican indifference to abortion, there are fifteen bishops from the Anglican Church in North America willing to stand against it.

From here:

Fifteen Anglican bishops, including the Archbishop Robert Duncan, are slated to join Anglicans for Life and thousands of others from across the nation on Friday, January 25, 2013, in Washington, D.C. for the 40th Annual March for Life. The Anglican bishops will start the day in prayer by attending the ecumenical service at Constitution Hall (1776 D Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.) called the National Memorial for the Preborn and their Mothers and Fathers.

“I am honored to stand, along with my fellow bishops of the Anglican Church in North America, in recognition of the millions lost through abortion and to demonstrate our commitment to uphold the sanctity of life for all of God’s children,” said Archbishop Robert Duncan.

“The Anglican Church in North America has a deep commitment to the sanctity of life,” said Bishop John Guernsey of the Anglican Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic.  “Our hope is that the presence of so many of our bishops for the March for Life this year will help spur the Church to even greater support for the sanctity of human life.”

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6 Responses to ACNA bishops to participate in March for Life

  1. Pauline says:


  2. Frank Wirrell says:

    The stance taken by the Anglican Church in North America is not only true to the Gospel but is very courageous. I am not surprised to see the TEC remains silent on this matter. Tragically this issue is also not considered of any importance by the ACoC. The time has long since past for society to recognize that a fetus is a genuine human being and not something to be discarded at the whims of anyone. I am pleased to be in an ANIC church where the Gospel that is preached is indeed THE Gospel and not political expediency.

  3. Mark Davison says:

    So good to be in the ACNA!

  4. jamesw says:

    Frank: TEC is not silent on this issue, they are actually officially pro-abortion, as is, I am guessing, the ACoC.

  5. Gordon says:

    I’m not sure the ACoC is even willing to admit to this: my impression is that it sits on the fence.

  6. Jim Muirhead says:


    The ACoC musters outrage over trivialities while pretending to sit on the fence over abortion. Quite typical really.
    They refuse to condemn homosexual acts, perform “blessings” but maintain the fiction that they don’t officiate at weddings.
    More faces than the Belfast clock!

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